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Mind/Body Counseling

Caere Dunn, PhD
Certified Hypnotherapist since 1992
Prescott, Arizona


Tools for Positive Change and Personal Growth


Manage stress and break through blocks to accomplishment:  hypnotherapy, mind-body counseling and interactive imagery provide powerful and effective strategies.


·         Gain a sense of control in your life

·         Balance body and mind

·         Clarify issues and directions

·         Learn strategies for self-help

·         Understand and detach from past trauma

·         Communicate and harmonize with various aspects of self



Some of my clients seek a quick fix for a particular issue (perhaps to end a phobia, anxiety attacks or smoking). Often a single session settles things of this nature enough to make clients more comfortable with the way they function in life. A single session also provides tools they may use for stress management and self-change from then on.


Other people are more concerned with self-discovery and self-development, with building and maintaining a balance of mind, body and spirit. Some are working on longer-term goals, like fertility, healing from old trauma/childhood wounds/relationship pain, sobriety, and spiritual understanding or deepening. These are the folks that benefit from working long term with mind-body techniques.


In between are those committed to making a specific change in behavior, relationship patterns or fears, or who wish to optimize medical treatments with an integrative approach. Sleep improvement, relief from panic attacks, resolution of relationship-based emotions often respond in a few sessions.


Sessions typically begin with deep relaxation followed by focus on a particular issue. What comes to mind for the client primarily directs the process from that point. The experience is empowering, client-focused, and safe; the client stays in control and generally remembers everything about the session.


Now offering weekend appointments! My office is at Partners in Health Care Naturally on Montezuma Street, south of the Courthouse Square in historic downtown Prescott. Nature's Medicinary is next door.


Phone sessions are available with my clients in New York and elsewhere around the country. I still travel back east on occasion to work with some of those clients in person.


Would mind-body techniques and hypnotherapy work for you? Call Caere to discuss, or to make an appointment: 928-771-2662.


Take a deep breath… Relax…

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