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Caere Dunn, PhD
Certified Hypnotherapist since 1992
Prescott, Arizona

"If ever there could be a testimony to  how valuable this work is, it would be to witness the transformation of the quality of life I experience! And not just me -- it goes out in the concentric circles of my family, in tangible, visible changes. I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity to work with you over these years. So, when I am asked why I seem so driven to "the work," I know that once you see and feel the results of applying intention and consciousness to your life -- you don't ever want it to stop! It's a great adventure!"                  -- M.S., New York

"I'll be back, it was great. You are very gifted."      -- L.D., Arizona

"I very much enjoyed my hypnosis session with you and found it a very useful tool to help bring some issues together and add some focus to what I have been working on."      -- Dr. A.F., New York

  • Dr. Caere uses proven techniques with imagery, metaphor, creativity and intuition to help individuals, couples and groups manage stress and make positive changes in their lives.

  • The foundational goal of her work is to empower her clients emotionally, spiritually, creatively and physically in optimum balance.

  • Basing her work on the concept that each of us can access our own inner authority on the issues we seek to address, Dr. Caere sees her role as a guide to help clients discover, develop and work with that inner authority while learning techniques for lifelong benefit.

  • At the heart of this philosophy and practice is the belief that each of us has a valid and distinct inner reality and inner truth. Hence, Caere honors and works with a diversity of lifestyles, perspectives, spiritual realities and choices.

    Dr. Dunn works with adults, adolescents, couples and groups, and is also available for speaking engagements and workshops.
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